Every day, tens of thousands of people fall victim to bag snatchers and professional thieves in the street, at airports, on trains, and in other crowded places. 

We started Get Smart Backpacks as a way to help travellers and commuters keep their most important belongings safe, no matter how near or far their journey takes them.

Our Story:

We're a couple that travel and work remotely. A few years ago, we had everything valuable in our backpack stolen at the airport while it was literally right next to us. And I mean everythingpassports, credit cards, cash, phone, ipad, plane tickets, laptop, you name it!

Everything we needed to get by was gone in a matter of seconds.

We couldn't board our flight. We sat in a foreign police station for hours so we could file a report for our insurance.

We spent three weeks waiting for passports, sitting at internet cafes changing our passwords for everything online, printing off papers for insurance, borrowing money from kind-hearted people we barely knew, and having to ask friends of friends of friends if we could stay with them until our replacement bank cards and passports arrived.

Trust me, it was a nightmare that could have been prevented if we had known about anti-theft backpacks!


We use these backpacks ourselves and we stand by their quality. We hope you love them as much as we do

We have owned and run retail businesses for over 10 years, and we think we provide pretty amazing customer service!

If you're not completely satisfied with your anti-theft backpack, please email us at info@getsmartbackpacks.com us as soon as you receive it so we can arrange a solution for you. Don't forget to include your order number in the subject line so we can help you faster!



All orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours of your order being placed.

We ship using DHL, EMS, USPS or ePacket depending on your location and the fastest available service.

Delivery to most countries is between 14 to 21 business days. However, your backpack may arrive earlier or later depending on your customs and postal carriers.

All orders are shipped with a tracking number so you can see how far away it is.

Please note: Delays caused by customs sorting and postal carriers are out of our control. Don't panic if your item is late, it WILL get there!